Great Catholic Books

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Perhaps it’s the third cup of coffee talking, but I must rant briefly on this.

My generation - educated in the 60s and 70s - was cheated quite badly out of a real education. The literature we had to read in college was post-modern and tedious. The poetry, incomprehensible. The theology was skeptical “enlightened” theology. The philosophy was logical-atomism which sneered at scholasticism, but there was fortunately a weary effort at classical and scholastic ethics and metaphysics. The catechesis was non-existent at my Catholic college.

I thought it was me who didn’t get it. None of it made sense!

Fortunately, I re-educated myself in adulthood.

I can now say with complete confidence that the poetry, literature, art, philosophy, and theology I learned in college was indeed nonsense. The fact that I felt I had to force myself to understand it, and that I was self-conscious about wanting to appear as if I “got it” - that should have been the first clue that it was an “incomplete” education.

Now I am a professor in graduate school, and I teach with no apologies that yes, Virginia, there is a real world that can be known, and that real world can lead you to an imperfect but confident grasp of the creator of that world.

This thread is a syllabus to a true education. Don’t waste your time reading modern, secular clap-trap. Read about our faith.
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