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Gods peace be with you Theophilus,


Did you just call Jesus a ‘False Teacher’???:eek: Jesus taught the Gospel. The Gospel Jesus taught was by spoken word. The Gospel Jesus commanded us to spread was the Gospel of Word of Faith? Jesus never wrote the Bible, commanded it to be written, gave golden plates to King James to copy off perfectly, etc. Jesus taught Tradition, authority, and loyalty to that authority. Jesus never taught ‘Sola Scriptura’. Jesus’ Word is in us not some book that translators rewrite just to fit copyright laws! Do not treat the Bible as a ‘Graven Image’ of God, this is in violation of His cammandments. The Holy Spirit is alive and in us juat as is the Word of God.

Just a note, the following verse was referring to the Greek Septuagint and not the Bible. The Catholic Church had not yet finished writing the Bible, organizing it, defining its canon or declaring it inspired and given by God. Perhaps we could use Catholic Tradition to add the New Testament into the meaning of this verse. Sola Scriptura would prohibit us from applying this verse to the NT - would it not - since Scripture is ‘CLOSED’. Sola Scripture found errant once again.😦

2 Tim 2:14-17 “But you, remain faithful to what you have learned and believed, because you know from whom you learned it, 15 and that from infancy you have known (the) sacred scriptures, which are capable of giving you wisdom for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. 16 All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for refutation, for correction, and for training in righteousness, 17 so that one who belongs to God may be competent, equipped for every good work.”

I apologize in advance if I ‘self-interpreted’ what you were saying, you’re a good Christian from what I’ve seen of your writings and look forward to our salvation too. If my s’elf-interpretation’ is wrong, then you could correct me just as God gave us the Cathoic Church to be His authority to correct ‘self-interpretation’ of His Gospel when it is wrong.

A prisoner of Christ.

PS, Did I just rush to the defense of a protestant sect TV minister? :eek: Oh no, its back to Scripture study for me today!
I have figured you out!!!

You are just someone who is looking for someone to argue with!
You are right on the one hand and yet I would like for you to consider something else. There will always be those whose intentions are less than pure when preaching the Gospel and receiving money for doing so.
Also, not endorsing impure motives but do see Philippians 1, 15-18.
Jolly interesting!!
Does not the Teaching of the Lord to the Gentiles by the Twelve Apostles relate something of wisdom regarding prophets (and preachers)?
I do believe that Joyce is in lock step with the Dispensational Creationists of the day.

Groups like Answers in Action and all of them.

Trying to claim that the earth cannot be more than 7 thousand years old, or so.

Its focused on the premillelineal, take the numbers literaly philosophy of hermenutics.

I just want to tell you that no matter how acidic some people may get in their posts, do not ever be discouraged from the Catholic faith. Many times people get this way because they allow their passions to overcome them when writing. I have been guilty of this many a time myself. You keep on in your journey with Christ no matter what kind of people you run into. You are becoming Catholic because of doctrinal issues not emotional ones, yes? Then I say to you never mind those who cause you so much unrest due to lapses in judgement or lack of charity from time to time because we all fall short sometimes. Just keep praying and looking to Jesus and not the waves of the stormy sea. And remember this- The Catholic Church is a hospital for sinners, not a deluxe resort for saints…(I’ve heard this somewhere and it stuck.) So peace to you and God bless!

Now for my 2 cents worth on Joyce Meyer. I used to love listening to her prior to my conversion to the Catholic Church. It was only after she got a face lift that altered her appearance so much that I actually found it disturbing. Maybe I was too petty, I don’t know. But I wondered to myself who paid for that luxury? However, I think of her as a “mixed bag”. I think she is helpful to some people especially for those who may not have anyone else to turn to, but on the other hand we all have a responsibility to do our own research into Truth and not rely on others to merely “tell us what that truth is”. Once this is done with an open heart toward God, I think that many will turn away from Joyce Meyer’s ministry and toward the Catholic Church that Christ established. On a personal note, I have watched my parents give to ministries such as hers and other “Word-Faith” based ministries and get nothing out of it other than less money. So, I do not like this type of teaching overall needless to say. But in a way I gotta be greatful to those who teach this new doctrine because if it weren’t for them, I might never have gotten fed up with the differing interpretations of the Bible and come home to the Catholic Church! - God bless! Mfaustina1
I am very familiar with Joyce Meyers, and she is good for Protestants, not necessarily Catholics. I come from that type of religious background and she was very popular in our circle. Since I’m becoming Catholic I find that most of her speak, does not gel with the Church. My opinion is that she makes a lot of money as an author and speaker, which is her God-given right, of whcih she will stand before God, whether right or wrong. But i have a problem with “ambassadors of God” being filthy rich. I don’t believe that God for a second meant his “blessings” to be so elaborate. When there are people suffering for lack of food, money, basic necessity, how is being a “mouth-piece” for God fir into being filthy rich. Are we not to be content with waht we have, and did not the early church pull their resources together for the edification of the whole? I have so much respect for Fathers and Sisters who have taken the vow of poverty. These are truly the “mouth-pieces, hands, eyes and love of our Lord”.
Yes Joyce is a woman but the last time I looked so was Mother Angelica. I have watched Joyce and enjoyed listening to her. I have not heard her for over a year. Why not? EWTN. When you hear the truth why settle for less.

What the Spirit has engraced in our seperated brothers and sisters is for our benefit also. Paraphrase of JPII I think.
Sad to say that Joyce Meyers and most of the TBN are WOF (Word of Faith) teachers (false teachers). But the TBN does have some truly Biblical shows on from time to time like Dr. Charles Stanley.

TBN is all about making $$$Money$$$, and I don’t take that network seriously at all - but it is refreshing to see truly Biblical programs on there from time to time.

I am not familiar with the WOF (Word of Faith) label. Just curious what that means/teaches?

I am not familiar with the WOF (Word of Faith) label. Just curious what that means/teaches?

Many popular evangelists are involved with “Positive Confession” or the “Word-Faith” movement. What’s wrong with this movement?

Some of America’s best known televangelists subscribe either partly or wholly to what’s commonly referred to as “positive confession,” the “Word-Faith” teaching, or the “prosperity” doctrine. Its chief representatives today seem to be Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Fred Price, Charles Capps, and Casey Treat, though there are certainly many other evangelists, teachers, and writers who promote this teaching.

The “word-faith” teaching may be summarized as follows: God created man in “God’s class,” as “little gods,” with the potential to exercise what they refer to as the “God-kind of faith” in calling things into existence and living in prosperity and success as sovereign beings. Of course, we forfeited this opportunity by rebelling against God in the Garden and taking upon ourselves Satan’s nature. To correct this situation, Jesus Christ became a man, died spiritually (thus taking upon Himself Satan’s nature), went to hell, was “born again,” rose from the dead with God’s nature again, and then sent the Holy Spirit so that the incarnation could be duplicated in believers, thus fulfilling their calling to be what they call “little gods.” Since we’re called to experience this kind of life now, we should be successful in virtually every area of our lives. To be in debt, then, or be sick, or (as is even taught by the faith teachers) to be left by one’s spouse, simply means that you don’t have enough faith — or you have some secret sin in your life, because if you didn’t, you would be able to handle all of these problems.

Now, while certain aspects of the this doctrine may vary from teacher to teacher — ranging from moderately aberrant to the outright heretical — the general outline remains the same. In every instance, the “Word-Faith” teaching is guilty of presenting an inflated view of man and a deflated view of God, thereby compromising God’s message as revealed in the Bible. This fast-growing movement has disastrous implications and, in fact, reduces Jesus Christ to a means to an end — when in fact he is the end. If the New Age Movement is the greatest threat to the church from without, “positive confession” may well be it’s greatest threat from within.

On “Positive Confession” and the “Word-Faith” teaching, that’s the CRI Perspective. I’m Hank Hanegraaff.
Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I am a 3-year old convert to the Catholic Church, and have never been happier or more content.

I spent many years in WOF churches and I am quite familiar with Joyce. She is from my area, and I used to listen to her on the local radio station when she was still a “nobody.” She used to have a practical approach of teaching and I have benefitted from her teaching. But then in the past 5 years or so, she seems to have gotten to big for her britches.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch did a Sunday cover on her. She has multiple mansions, mansions for her kids, jets, resort houses. You name it, she’s got it. But the most revolting thing about the article was the pictorial view of the lobby and hallways of her business headquarters. She had pictures of herself painted all over the walls in mural fashion. Up and down the hallways, from ceiling to floor. It was rather nauseating . . . and terribly sad!

She is a woman who, I believe, started off with a true hunger and thirst for God and to teach the things of God. Unfortunately, she, herself, was mislead by her “mentors” and is going “the way of Balaam.”

God Bless,

She is a woman who, I believe, started off with a true hunger and thirst for God and to teach the things of God. Unfortunately, she, herself, was mislead by her “mentors” and is going “the way of Balaam.”

God Bless,

I listened to her early on and saw a lot of that change as well. I do believe the Lord lead her but she let other things choke Him out. It is a shame because she was truly instrumental.

Boomer Sooner:
Oh man… Paula White is another “classic” TBN female pastor. She’s somewhat new, so if you guys haven’t heard of her yet – you’re in for quite a show! :whacky:
Yes, I’ve seen Paula. I stopped dead in my tracks on TBN the day I saw her talking about how important communion…DAILY COMMUNION is. I thought “Oh, wow, A Catholic show on TBN!.”

Then within 10 minutes they offered a home communion kit, for just 39 or 49 dollars - & said “Communion is the only one of god’s promises that you can activate at home by yourself!?” Goofy is right.

Tonight as I was going past that station, she was talking about how suffering & the Darkness of Night or Soul(reading some John of the Cross perhaps?) was so important to growing closer to God.

I think we should all pray for Paula, I think she’s just a hop, skip & jump away from joining an RCIA class! 😉

Marilyn Hickey is another…

Joyce Meyer talks a lot about her disfunctional upbringing & I think that is what colors much of what she is & does. It is also what attracts folks to her ministry…they see someone like themselves, who has managed to (in their eyes) “get it together” & not wallow in the same stuff forever…I can understand that…

Am I naive?..I think most of these folks are sincere…they really believe the prosperity gospel, etc.They are instrumental in introducing many of the unchurched to Christ, just not the fullness of Christ’s Church…

We can joke or try and dismiss Joyce Meyers…but in the end I think “maryscater” who posted earlier has some very valid points. There has been on the part of the Church a lack of good educational material available. I too was introduced to Joyce Meyers through my Mom, a devout Catholic!! We want to be ‘on fire’ for the Lord too, only where are the resources? I was 29 when I went trough RCIA as my husbands sponsor, but I wanted more. And darned if I could find it. Hard enough to find a Catholic book store! And much of the material was old and outdated. So while Joyce may seem silly to many people, I think it’s true that a lot of people have ‘jumped the fence’ looking for that instruction and knowledge, they have a hunger and the Church isn’t feeding it. I think many people have left the Church without ever knowing what they had. I am one of seven siblings, and the only practicing Catholic, and we all were raised in the Church and went to Catholic School! I am so thankful to have found Catholic Answers! I tell every Catholic I know about the resources I find, and my husband and I try to support financially Catholic Radio and programs like them.
:bigyikes: Yikes! Whether or not the Catholic church recognizes the holy orders of Protestant denominations, isn’t there a place for women teachers and leaders in the Christian world? What about Priscilla who along with Aquila took Apollos aside and instructed him more thoroughly in the faith? (Acts 18:24-28).
I respect the Catholic Church’s authority regarding ordination of women, but nevertheless have appreciated what I have learned from Christian men and women teachers/ministers over the years.
Karl Keating:
I can go CD4 one better:

It doesn’t bother me much that there are Protestant women ministers, priests, or bishops. :yawn:

After all, none of them really is ordained, since no Protestant church has valid holy orders. All of them, male or female, are lay people.
It’s funny but we Catholics are accused of not being “Bible-based,” but if you stop and contrast EWTN to TBN, who adheres more closely to the Bible?
Joyce Myers in and of herself may have good intentions, but she as with all Protestants offer a heterodox view of Christianity…it’s Christianity mixed with a huge dose of Yankee individualism…This philosophy is basically not Biblical…
I am struck by the fact that Joyce Myers and all the other Protestant ministers can only lead a person so far. Why? It is because they cannot lead one to holiness because they simply do not have all the tools. The theology can only take you so far.
Yes, Joyce Myers may be well-meaning, but what does she draw on? Does she have the Tradition of the Church at her disposal? Does she have the assurance which comes with Apostolic Succession? Can she draw from the wisdom of the saints? The theology is centered on the here and now…it doesn’t seem to transcend space and time. As with all Protestant theology, it is only so deep…
The problem with Joyce Myers’ ministries lies in the very fact that it’s identified as Joyce Myers’ ministry. The reference point is Joyce Myers. The theology is based on Joyce Myers’ interpretation of the Bible…How does she know that she is correct?
Protestant theology ladies and gentleman does not allow for our living out the New Covenant. It has no priest, no sacrifice, only two sacraments, which are not really sacraments…In other words it does not live out the Incarnation and without the Incarnation, we have lost the path to holiness.
So when I watch Joyce Myers and others, I listen and recognize that what they accuse Catholics of, they are themselves guilty of, not living out the Bible…
How does the focus on money live out Incarnation? There’s an aggressiveness on the Protestant channels that you don’t find on EWTN. The Protestants focus on me, me, me. what can God do for me…EWTN focuses on doing God’s will, growing in holiness, losing yourself to find yourself…But the amassing of personal wealth is shallow…
So to put my musings in a nutshell, I’ll just say that in Protestant theology across the board, it’s really not a living out of the Incarnation, of the New Covenant, rather it’s a focus on what God can do for me…Catholic Theology is that of the Incarnation…Watch TBN and EWTN notice the differences…I may be lead to feeling good about myself through the ministries of Joyce Myers and others, but only the Catholic Church can lead me to holiness because the Church is the embodiment of the Incarnation…and Joyce Myer’s ministries, regardless of her personal attributes, is not reflective of the Incarnation
Have you people heard the one that goes love is not God, because Our Lord hated evil hypocrites?

Also from classical times:You are my dear friend, but the Truth is dearer to me.

Anyone who preaches another gospel is not to be loved . S Paul says he is accursed.

We have another Joyce Meyer in the English midst.A woman who shouts so loudly and hits her pulpit, it’s a wonder it doesn’t collapse.Victory Tape Ministries sends you Very Tendentious Material all about ending your material poverty and the idea that sickness is the same as sin.She’s on short wave radio and her church is in Stoke on Trent which has become a haven for utterly dubious Christian movements.She “pastors” without anything to her name.

There seems to be conflation here between the orthodox beliefs of those termed separated brethren since Vatican II and people who are engaging in deception.

I wonder why when Jesus was on the earth He said the things to the Jews ? It had to be that they were in error, not knowing and preaching their Scriptures.Paradoxically the Saviour loved them enough to state the truth that they were as full of lies as the Devil and He should be our guide in testing every spirit whether it be of God.For so many are going to come in His Name, and we must heed them not.
Merilee said:
:bigyikes: Yikes! Whether or not the Catholic church recognizes the holy orders of Protestant denominations, isn’t there a place for women teachers and leaders in the Christian world? What about Priscilla who along with Aquila took Apollos aside and instructed him more thoroughly in the faith? (Acts 18:24-28). I respect the Catholic Church’s authority regarding ordination of women, but nevertheless have appreciated what I have learned from Christian men and women teachers/ministers over the years.

Merilee, the issue is not that Joyce is a woman, but rather what she teaches. There are women teachers in the Church, though they do not all have multi-million dollar ministries, ride around in jets and have murals of themselves painted all over their plush office buildings.

I think the writer above made the most valid point; she is teaching a heterodox theology that is “me” centered and not Christ centered. And contrasting TBN to EWTN is quite revealing!

God Bless,


P.S. Praise God for EWTN!! DirectTV is now broadcasting it on its basic programming!
**You are right in saying that Catholics do need to be better educated in their faith. And…There are lots of good books, tapes and CD’s out there! **

**I am very lucky to have a good Catholic bookstore in my backyard…It is moving about two miles away soon, but that is still close! **

**There are some good sites out there that will help you find the information you need. Try EWTN,, Catholic Pages, and of course Catholic Answers. All of these sites…and many others…either have bookstores from which you may order books and other things, or they have lists of good Catholic reading. **

**Go to the discussion concerning books you would give a Protestant to read…There are lots of good suggestions there. **

I do think Protestants, especially Evangelicals, have a joy and love of hte Lord that is infectious. HOWEVER, they cannot come close to wealth of reading material that is available to Catholics…In fact, one of the things I love about the Church is that I will NEVER run out of good things to read or listen to…The Church is so deep and wide that there is no end…

Hey, does anybody see the common thread here? NO…I don’t mean the forum board! I mean the exasperated cry for an increase in adult formation at the parish level!!

I implore you all, every last one, approach your parish and let them know you would like to see some kind of adult formation implemented, whether it is a book club, Bible study, women/mens group…something.

And if they already have some things like that, find out when they meet and how to join.

Encourage others to participate. This is our GREATEST tool against false teaching. Community faith formation is beneficial both on a parish level and a personal level.

Now, go take on the day!
The City of Evansville, Indiana has a particular problem with the Joyce Meyer Ministries. Ok, well, its not actually the “City” of Evansville, but rather the People of Evansville.

The problem isn’'t even rooted in her theology, which is in contrast to that of the 70 % Roman Catholic population, nor is it her invalid holy orders, or even in the fact that she is a woman.

One of the things I have really enjoyed about Evansville is the similarity that it shares with my own hometown of Elvins, Missouri is the great lengths to which the folks avoid to maintain things as simple as could possibly be.

The problem with Joyce Meyers and Evansville is her last name. Here, folks pronounce it “MAAHARS” which sounds like “Mars”, which, to other folks, gives the impression that Joyce is some new ager who’s named themselves after the red planet.

Yes sir, its the vernacular venom that gets it 'round here. Next time, I will have to enlighten you all on the trials of trying to “Worsh” clothes here in the Hoosier state.
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