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Merilee said:
:bigyikes: Yikes! Whether or not the Catholic church recognizes the holy orders of Protestant denominations, isn’t there a place for women teachers and leaders in the Christian world? What about Priscilla who along with Aquila took Apollos aside and instructed him more thoroughly in the faith? (Acts 18:24-28).
I respect the Catholic Church’s authority regarding ordination of women, but nevertheless have appreciated what I have learned from Christian men and women teachers/ministers over the years.

There shouldn’t be any concern about the role of women as teachers and leaders within the Catholic Church. Mother Teresa was a world leader for peace in her own right and did everything out of love for Christ. She led by concrete example and her legacy lives on in the facilities of the Missionaries of Charity. Another felame Catholic leader is Mother Angelica of EWTN. That good sister started EWTN from nothing in the sweet spot of the bible belt. Its now the single largest Catholic broadcasting operation in the world.

For every one of these amazing women (by the grace of God) there are countless other teachers, facilitators, administrators, nurses, physicians, theologians, both lay and consecrated religous, working in relative anonymity throughout the world. Where would the faith be without them and their predecessors? Roles for women? You’re kidding me.
Chris…You have brought up some very good points…Women are very active and influencial in the Church today…No doubt about it. It’s amazing!

I was a Joyce Meyer fan about 8 years ago too. I only had cable t.v. and she, Robert Schuller, and others were out there preaching about God. For me, a cradle Catholic searching for the Word on television, this was much better than watching soap operas or wrestling!

Then… through OSV magazine, I found some Bishop Sheen tapes, and I lost interest in Joyce. I began to see her as more of a pop-psychologist/preacher blend who did not have the answers for suffering, saints, etc. that the Church has. I too then found Scott Hahns tapes and books, Karl Keating’s books/ This Rock AND!!!
Lo and behold, the best of all… .EWTN!

I moved out to the country where we have a satellite, and this network is God’s gift to Catholics. My three sons, 2, 4, and 6 have been raised on it, and it is a great teaching tool as well as a way to strengthen one’s faith.

I pray for Joyce Meyer and respect her, but she does not teach the fullness of Catholicsim.

God bless,

I have only limited exposure to Mrs. Meyers and her ministry. I viewed two of her tapes with friends (non Catholics) and have seen her once on TV. (Since I am southern myself, her voice was no barrier, and I think in some ways it gives her that “down to earth” edge that people find so appealing. Her tales of childhood abuse serve the same function, whether or not they are true. )

She certainly is not, in my eyes, a validly ordained pastor. She obviously meets some sort of a need out there, and we as Catholics need to ask ourselves, how can we better meet those needs for those people?

Whether or not she is sincere is not for me to judge, but I can make a judgement on her theology. I am almost violently opposed to the properity Gospel that she preaches.

I live within walking distance of one of the largest TBN filming and broadcasting sites in America. You should see the place. It’s like a castle or an old southern plantation mansion. Also nearby was the site of Robert Tilton’s now defunct “Word of Faith” buolding, or “church”, which was recently bulldozed following her fall from grace.

I know some people will argue this with me, however: It is my humble opinion that a lifestyle of great wealth and personal comfort is almost a guarantee that you are living outside of the will of the Lord.

I do not wish her any ill will. Think of the glorious story it would make if she were to convert to Catholicism and use her extensive network and funding to promote Truth!!
Ive listened and watched Joyce Meyer many times. And as A Catholic ive enjoyed and learned a great deal from her talks. Though we do have some theological differences, I feel as catholics we have alot more in common then different in regard to Core Beliefs. I also agree with Karl Keating that shes not a true ordained Minister anyway but really is just a very talented speaker . In regard to her making lots of money by preaching , paul said he didnt mind people’s intentions as long as christ was preached.

Some of these posts sounds almost jealous , not saying they are but it seems that way

I say Good for her , in a funny way she reminds me of Bill Parcells , that might be a funny comparision but shes a very no non sense, upfront and down to earth person many feel they can relate too.
God bless you all in Christ
I have seen Joyce Meyer several times, and I would lump her in with the rest of the tv evanglists, but my favorites and the types of instant healers. You’'ve seen them. You have an ailment of some kind, you come up on the stage, and one good finger in the ear or a hand on the head and you are cured from everything from deafness to hangnails. Now I do believe in miracles, but not the assembly line ones on tv. If they worked, we would have no need of doctors.
Is she the lady who, forgive me, seems to be channeling James Brown? Sort of young and has a flair for snappy dressing? Speaks in tounges randomly and shouts nearly everything? If so, I watched her in fascination once for nearly an hour. She had a special convention or something on TV where she was dressed up in a big white tunic and had giant gold Jewish symbols all over the stage. I think they were supposed to be sacred items from the Temple, like the ark of the covenant. Personally, I was surprised fireworks didn’t come out of the thing. She has some energy, that’s for sure! I couldn’t tell you what her message was but I remember the set dressing. The all-ladies audience seemed quite involved too, all clothed in white. A very different culture than the Protestantism I came from.
The hidden Life, I think that the woman you are referring to is Paula White, one of Joyce Meyer’s protege’s (…pardon the spelling). Paula is really in to some radical efforts in her ministry. It gives me pause to consider her drastic measures and her 6.5 million dollar home in Florida.

In other news, I watched the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) today, and SHOCK!!! They were airing Bishop Fulton J. Sheen!!!

I mean WHAT’S HAPPENING with them? They have Fr. Michael Manning on their network and now reruns of “Life Worth Living” with Fulton Sheen? WOAH…

I am just waiting to see Scott Hahn and the Franciscan University air a feature show on the Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament on TBN, now that would really get my attention. Its like, they are trying to cross the Tiber or something.

I can’t say that I don’t like it though. The miraclous ways in which God works.
I am a catholic convert from a fundamental baptist family. My sister remains in the baptist faith and she gushes on and on about Joyce Meyer. I don’t understand the appeal.
In other news, I watched the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) today, and SHOCK!!! They were airing Bishop Fulton J. Sheen!!!

I mean WHAT’S HAPPENING with them? They have Fr. Michael Manning on their network and now reruns of “Life Worth Living” with Fulton Sheen? WOAH…
Well a big reason why is that Catholics are a big audience for TBN and many help support this network by providing the token catholic show or two on is led to believe that is alright for Catholic to support TBN and give them money and wathc and support the rest of their healthy and wealth gospel shows which ironically contradict catholic teaching.
I have heard Jack Van Impe if freindly towards the pope and catholics on his raptrure mania show as to attract catholics to be financial contributors to his show. Since Catholics are the largest denomination and many are not regular church goers but still beleive in Jesus TBN provides theology for these poor uninformed people.

Here’s a bit of Joyce Meyer Trivia for you what denomination was she brought up in?

Roman Catholic Yes that’s right. Heard her mention this one time as she made slight of hand comment that she was never born again while a Catholic and the church was so dead that she experienced JEsus for the first time visiting some evangelical church and got saved. All the cliches one hears.
Another TBN staple Jesse Duplaitis was raised Catholic also. Kind sad really.
I really appreciate Joyce Meyer. Her teaching has enriched my life and reminded me of scriptural truths.
Several stories were ran on Joyce Meyers at the later part of 2003 and the first part of this year. The bulk of the information I have read on her is from the St. Louis Post Dispatch, which in an interview with her, reported that her religious upbringing was in the Lutheran Chruch, not Roman Catholic. But, now I wouldn’t want to accuse Joyce from fibbing from the pulpit, because I’m sure we can all agree on the impeccability of T.V. evangelists and that never has a one of them even so much as fudged a sentence so to decieve, can’t we.😉

However, she did purchase the old Holy Rosary Catholic Church building in St. Louis and the structure now serves as the headquarters for her ministry.

Just a bit o trivia.
Gee what other church will Mrs Meyers choose to be brought up in Mormon perhaps?

That is really weird that she is claimeing to be both raised Catholic and Lutheran. But you know the thing with lies is that its hard keeping your story straight. Perhaps she was brought yup fundie but it makes for a better story if she can calim she is a convert from a high church mainline background which much of her ministry caters to (that is lapsed catholics and protestant mainliners).

But like Kecharitomene alluded to its not like these guys don’t lie about their ministry to gegin with. The whole Word of faith movement is a deception and a watering down of the christian faith and turns God into a slot machine. Sow my money seed in my ministry receive 10 fold in money in return. We definietly reep what we sow but not always in wordly and especially monetary means. Something people like MRs Meyeers won’t tell you. PRotestants often will use the phrase the Gospel according to Rome but what they fail to realize is that they subscribe to the Gospel according to insert pastor here. THe Gospel according to Joyce Meyers is clearly evident in her tv show. ITs her opinion and its infalliable as it is presented. Gee I think I might want to side with the church which provided us the creeds, the canon of the Bible and the basic dogmas of the church. Rather than Mrs. Meyers interpretation of a catholic book 🙂 (the Bible of course).😉
Gee what other church will Mrs Meyers choose to be brought up in Mormon perhaps?

That is really weird that she is claimeing to be both raised Catholic and Lutheran. But you know the thing with lies is that its hard keeping your story straight. Perhaps she was brought yup fundie but it makes for a better story if she can calim she is a convert from a high church mainline background which much of her ministry caters to (that is lapsed catholics and protestant mainliners).
Reporters* can * get things wrong…make mistakes, etc. We need not be cynical and assume it was a lie. ‘TV Evangelist’ does not auto-equate with ‘liar’. Joyce may have got horribly carried away with wealth and reputation, but I truly don’t believe her intentions are to deceive.

Publicly acknowledging your very encouraging post to me quite a way back in this thread. I am continuing the journey with much help and support from the wonderful parishioners of Christ the King Catholic Church in MI, including Steve Ray of all people!

Your comments on Joyce Meyer were very fair. ‘Mixed bag’ is a good metaphor as she most certainly has a powerful draw on non-Christians. Someone else earlier hit the nail on the head when they said that many Protestant preachers are able to preach the gospel to bring people into Christianity but then don’t know where/how to lead them much further. This is a HUGE reason for my search into Catholicism. I would also agree, however, that I am concerned that many Catholic churches, it seems, have little focus on teaching and the Bible beyond Sunday Mass.

I think that is changing for the better though. I will not be deterred!
so I did a little research and found a short article from CRI that pointed out some problems in her theology, mostly leaning toward the health-and-wealth-gospel camp.
Health and wealth gospel – that’s Joyce. My sister used to watch her “religiously.” I tried to watch her a few times, and every time I was sickened by her emphasis on faith leading to worldly wealth.

I am happy to say that my sister began to get really sick of it, as well, and no longer watches her.
One of the posts on this thread mentioned that they saw a Catholic Mass on TBN. I saw one once too, rather, HALF a Mass. Their ‘Mass’ consisted only of the Liturgy of the Word and ended before the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Guess they didn’t want to give their viewers any idea of what the Mass is truly about!:ehh: As Karl said in his most recent (and excellent) E-letter, there is no worship without Calvary.
Joyce Meyer teaches a false theology that is very attractive to women that are looking for a strong female role model. She fills a niche, drawing them to search their feelings and recognize that need Jesus. I do not see her as any more dangerous than the next non-Catholic TV preacher. She strikes me a more a motivational speaker than an evangelist. She wants money and power. SUPRISE - she is her own expert Bible interpreter.

The bigger threats on TV are Benny Hinn, Paul and Jan Crouch, Hal Lindsey, Joel Olsen, and other rapture fanatics. They really get emotion going and pray on people’s ignorance of the Bible.

I thought long and hard about posting an answer to this thread. Many have portrayed Joyce Meyer as a charlatan. I do not believe this is the case. Joyce is not Catholic, so her teachings will not be in line with our doctrines. One should not expect this – however that does not make her a poor minister to those in need.

I am a devout cradle Catholic – but in all honesty, I do have to credit Joyce with some of my recent devotion to Christ. I have been in the middle of the worst trial of my life. When the trial started, I leaned on Joyce’s encouraging words to keep pressing on instead of sinking into a pool of self pity and depression.

I went to see my priest and did not get the spiritual support I needed. I did not despair, however, because her words of hope in the Holy Spirit and Jesus always rang in my head. She has had a hard life and has overcome it, she uses her trial to minister to others in pain.

As for the pleading for funds…come on folks…we all have sat through missionaries and homilies asking for money in our Catholic masses. She runs an international TV ministry. TV is not cheap – and don’t begrudge her that she has a nice house, private jet, nice clothing – she has staff that flies all over the world to their different ministries. Why should she fly commercial airlines when she does not need to? Maybe God has blessed her?

Or as one article from her own home town stated that she charges for her 3 day conferences. People, try an rent a stadium at no charge.

Maybe this is God’s recompense to her for the horrible life of sexual abuse her encountered. Who are you to judge her heart? But do not let jealousy of her material belongings seep into your mind. Not all people with money and nice possessions are greedy , idolatrous, and selfish.

If she does come to a time where God needs to reprimand her for greed and pride, then let God deal with that. We are not qualified to judge.
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