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My name is Shannon and I just joined. I’d like to know if any of you have ever watched 3ABN, a 7th Day Adventist network? They say the most hateful things about the Catholic faith. Any feedback from you will be appreciated.

The Seventh Day Adventist, like Fundamentalist, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the Mormons, believe that the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon and that the Pope is the AntiChrist. I am not really inclined to read or listen to their stuff, because it is so blatantly hateful to Catholics. For those who don’t know, the reason the Jehovah’s Witnesses appears so similar to 7th Day Adventism is because their founder, Charles Russell, was a student of Ellen G. White and himself an Adventist, until of course he got his divine revelation telling him that the world needed a new religion. But that’s a different story.
I have a penpal who is very kind and sweet person and loves Jesus and has great faith and is an SDA. I worked with this person for a few years and was amazed at her patience and consideration she gave to her fellow coworkers.

At that time, I was not actively back in Church. I am now and I pray for all SDAs to know the fullness of Christ’s church. We’ve shared many thoughts about knowing Christ and struggles we have throughout our days. I always try to remember to pray for her because I know she would recieve great blessings and peace from Christ’s church.

I know how much I lean on the sacraments and Mass Christ instituted to keep me facing Him. That is why I pray for all those in my life to join or return to Christ’s Catholic church.


I was raised SDA. Some of the most kind and generous people I’ve ever known are SDA. That being said, a great majority of SDA belief derives from keeping the sabbath. Their logic follows that the Catholic Church usurped sabbath worship and instituted Sunday worship. Following that line, ultimately the Catholic Church will persecute sabbath keepers in the end times.

The reason I lay that out is that it is necessary to SDA understanding of who they are and their understanding of end times that the Catholic Church be the Whore of Babylon. That is why they are so anti-Catholic.

As for me, all it took was for me to read a couple of books written by Catholics. I did this on a “Let the Catholics explain themselves” kind of idea. Two things I realized: 1) SDA does not understand the Catholic faith and thereby what they attack are really straw man type arguments; and 2) the Catholic Church is that Church established by Christ. Christ did not allow his people to learn and preach error for some 1800 plus years until Ms. White came along. Nuff said.

God bless,

Thanks for your reply. I am hurt and concerned that the 7th Day Adventist on 3ABN preach such hateful messages directed at the Pope and all Catholics. I started watching that network, not realizing what it was, because they do have some excellent cooking shows. After I heard a few of those horrible sermons that are given against MY FAITH, I ofcourse, don’t turn it on anymore.
Is that a satellite network or a cable channel? I don’t recall ever seeing it on the Dish Network lineup.
One Adventist group has been known to take out expensive, full-page ads in newspapers around the U.S., shouting that the CC is the Whore of Babylon, the Pope is the anti-Christ, and unless we Catholics repent our of godless ways, we’re doomed to hell. I was furious with the Arizona Republic for printing such an ad – the revenue was more important than respecting their Catholic subscribers, of course. (I unsubscribed.)

They’d never allow such an ad about Jews or other Christians to be published in their paper. But Catholicism is the last “respectable” prejudice left in America. You can say, or write, or speak any evil thing you wish against the CC, and nobody cares. The Church is fair game.

This is because the media targets the Church and would destroy it if it could. The Church opposes the values the media holds dear – abortion on demand, divorce and remarriage, homosexual marriage, homosexual adoption, sex before marriage, ordination of women, etc. etc. etc.

The media’s job is to protects us against the misdeeds of government, but who will protect us against the misdeeds of the media?
I actually got sucked into the SDA faith,partly by watching 3ABN. Doug Batchelor was a big influence. We were just on a journey but through that I became very anti catholic. Thankfully, we only stayed SDA four years. Please pray for these people, they are great until you mention the Catholic church. I’ve seen folks turn pretty ugly over it. Many former SDA, especially those that were raised in the faith have said that they were actually taught as children that someday the Catholics would come looking for them and kill them for not having the mark of the beast!

It is very sad indeed.
Praise God, He called me Home!
Thanks for your reply. I hear that SDA is the largest growing religion in modern day. It’s so sad that they are allowed to say these things on cable television. When I first started watching ir the programs I thought it was such “wholsome” network because of all the cooking shows, interviews, etc. and then I heard the hateful sermon about Catholics. That is what has led me to Apologetics. I want to defend my Church.

The Catholic Church was started by Jesus Christ and the gates of Hell shall not prevail. … Amen.

You are right, we should pray for them.

When last I had a dish, the only mainly religious channels I had were EWTN, TBN, SkyAngel, and BYUTV. Is 3ABN a regional channel? I really hope it’s influence is not widespread.
When last I had a dish, the only mainly religious channels I had were EWTN, TBN, SkyAngel, and BYUTV. Is 3ABN a regional channel? I really hope it’s influence is not widespread.
Never seen the SDA channel either, but ive watched EWTN and BYUTV on the DishNet.
Actually, I never heard of them till I started to work with one. We got into a little discussion about Sabbath vs Sunday. He gave me some reading material that was some what disturbing but it was mostly based on Revelations and their interpretation of it. Yeah, and it is right that they actually believe a Sunday law will be the sign of the beast.This guy really does want to do the will of God as I observe how he acts towards his faith. I believe he is on of the ones that you would say is outside the Church through no fault of his own while being invisibly connected to Her.
Over the past year I have had a Seventh Day Adventist try every trick in their trade to turn me against my Catholic faith. He quoted the Bible from memory, told me all about the numbers 666 on the Popes Tiara, how Saint Patrick wasn’t a Catholic, how St. Peter never went to Rome, and no Popes existed until something like the year 550 a.d. I could go on and on. My advise to handling these people is to check out Catholic Answers, get a few facts together, write down a list of quotes from the bible like Romans 40:2; they are all listed in Catholic Answers, and hit 'em with it. Once they know you are up there with it they back off quick, and when this happens hit them again twice as hard. Watch 'em run.
I am still good friends with this bloke, but he has backed off.
Thank you Catholic Answers.
When last I had a dish, the only mainly religious channels I had were EWTN, TBN, SkyAngel, and BYUTV. Is 3ABN a regional channel? I really hope it’s influence is not widespread.
It must not be I’ve never heard of it. I’ll keep a watch out for it from now on.
I find the SDA to be really paranoid, almost to the point where it is funny. It seems anywhere they look, they can find paganism and the occult in the Catholic Church. Example, they think Catholics are idolaters, then they must love all of those idols in Washington D.C., especially that Egyptian Obelisk to the Sun god we call George Washington, lol! Wait a minute, George Washington was a freemason, not a Catholic.
One thing that turns me off about the SDAs is their focus on bashing the Catholic Church, denominations that allow jewelry, unclean meats, etc., but they rarely speak out against abortion, secularism, and the far-left liberals.
Archbishop, that is a great point.

I’ve never seen such hatred come out of the mouths of so-called religious men.

I married an Adventist. After 12 and a half years of marriage and five children, she finally joined the Catholic Church at Easter this year. It has been my experience that Adventists will be happy to tell you why they think Catholicism is wrong, but they will not want to listen to your defense of your faith. They see things through their Adventist goggles. A better tactic seems to be a critical examination of their doctrines, beginning with their belief that the dead are not conscious, and will not go to heaven until after the second coming of Christ. Using that doctrine, they can then deny the communion of saints. If they can deny the communion of saints, then they can say that we worship Mary. If we worship Mary, then we are committing idolatry. If we commit idolatry, then obedience to the Pope is an expression of that idolatry. It is then a simple step to say that the Pope claims to be God, and thus is the Beast of Revelation. Their doctrine regarding the state of the dead is their Achilles heel. Successfully attack that, and it’s not too hard, and the rest of their attacks on Catholicism fall in logical order. Of course, the trick is getting an Adventist to consider it, once they find themselves unable to really defend it. It is also necessary to convince them that Catholics can be Christians. It is part of their doctrine that some Catholics are. They tend to be doubful, however, whether an indidual person actually is. Thus, it is necessary for we Catholics to truly live our Christian faith.

Hello folks,

I’m a SDA, and came across this site while searching for the Catholic Catecism that addresses why Sunday is observed as God’s Holy Day instead of the Sabbath.

I think the major differences between our religions are the Sabbath commandment and whether the Bible should be taken literally or not. I also believe that we’re all God’s children and He loves us all.

3ABN is on satellite, some cable stations, and at

God bless, and Merry Christmas!
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