Sinless Mary

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Mary was not sinless.

How can it be even remotely possible for Mary to be sinless when the Bible says clearly :

"Romans 5:12 Therefore, just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned."
You are so far out of context its almost hysterical.
Its written that ALL men have sinned. That’s also the reason why Jesus Christ had to come be crucified on the cross for our sins to redeem us. So, how could Mary be sinless?
Its really quite simple. Apparently you haven’t bothered to read the myriad of answers to the question. And you, like others of your erstwhile ilk seem to believe that you can box God up and restrict his abilities to do as He will…though you will declare that He is all powerful and all knowing. My, my…and you don’t seem to grasp the fact that God Himself created Mary specifically for the task she was to perform throughout her entire life.
When the Bible refers to the righteous, it never says these people are sinless either. It just says ‘the righteous shall live by faith’.
And now you are going to be the “final arbiter” as to interpretation of Holy Scriptures? Nope, sorry…you’re not qualified. You’ve made that amply obvious.
Romans 4:5 However, to the man who does not work but trusts God who justifies the wicked, his faith is credited as righteousness.
Once again you are out of context. Not even in the ballpark.
In other words, Mary is no different from you and me. We’re all sinners…
What I find totally amusing…is that seems to be this utter arrogance about people like you…who presume to believe that you are so much wiser than far better educated theologians over the past 1500+ years…and base your “mere man espoused opinions” on “your version” of the Bible…

But your bleating and protestations are less than the noise of a breeze in the middle of the African desert… and its not as if your opinion counts for anything, except to you.

Again, that you added “Catholic” to your profile…paints you badly. Were you a Catholic, you would know better, and wouldn’t be asking foolish questions or making foolish statements.

You are offensive.
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