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Thank God for forums. They allow us to discuss, learn, communicate and VENT.
I just recieved my BA in math from the U of Minneota and I am about to start graduate school. I have found dating life to be impossible. Where in the world can you meet a girl with good catholic values. This campus is SO liberal, even the students who attend the Catholic church on campus lean liberally. It is so frustrating. Does anyone have any ideas?
Pray, pray, pray! Even when you find someone to date who is a solid Catholic, God may end up calling one or both of you to something different after any length of time. Just trust that God knows who you are supposed to be with and that when you are together your relationship will be amazing!

P.S. I know how frustrating it can get sometimes, but have faith!
Church, that’s where I met my girlfriend. Still a student as my handle indicates.
I would highly recommend Ave Maria Singles-- it is an internet site but NOT like those secular “dating” websites.

This is a site of serious, committed Catholics who want to meet and marry a serious Catholic spouse.
Hey all…
Catholic Singles is a good site to go to as well! I have met some really great friends on there.👍
I met my boyfriend at a young adult bible study. :love:
If any of you want to move to Melbourne, Australia, you can marry me.

I can sort of cook, well I can follow a recipe, I dont nag, and I dont mind what side of the bed I sleep on :ROFLMAO:

Seriously, I find it difficult too, to meet single guys, who are as dedicated to their Faith as I am.

The only single guys at my parish, are too young, too old, or priests 🙂

Oh well, I will keep asking Mary to guide me to the right one.
She is my Mother, and mothers always know best

Love Kellie
If you can attend any Catholic conferences, you might meet people of similar interests! 👍
You never know…God just may have someone in store for you who is not Catholic. I myself have a serious girlfriend who is a “Non-Denominational” Protestant (raised Lutheran)…but she is open to Catholicism. We have had several discussions about faith…and let me tell you, they have all been very rewarding experiences. I feel like I have grown closer to her in sharing my Catholic faith with her…and hopefully someday I’ll be able to bring her home (in every sense of the word). 😉

Just keep your eyes open! Just because they aren’t Catholic (yet) doesn’t mean that they aren’t an option. Good luck and God Bless.
If you’re looking for the ONE, I think you have to give Him time to get you two together…she may only now have decided to go to Minnesota instead of Hawaii, and won’t show up til August…

Be patient, be in the places where she’s likely to be, be patient, and as so many have said, pray. Also be patient.

God bless

As a woman, this whole idea kind of strikes a chord with me. I think the idea of looking at every woman as a potential girlfriend is dangerous, and at heart, degrading. You need to get to know a girl for who she is, not for what she could offer you as a girlfriend. It’s a subtle difference, but I think a very important one. If you truly do this, you will end up with lots of wonderful friends, and perhaps even one whom the Lord will ask you to date. But please be careful. Do not use women merely as potential girlfriends.

Having said that, there have to be plenty of opportunities for young adults in your diocese. There certainly are in mine. Even if it’s at a parish you don’t belong to, step out of your comfort zone! Meet new people. Don’t be afraid to go to stuff alone either. You could build a totally strong, awesome community.

Keep the faith and don’t lose hope. It took me until i was almost 32 to find that perfect Catholic girl.

I understand how depressing it can be to have a feeling of hopelessness that there arent any good Catholic girls out there.

There was a time when I was dating women based solely on their faith because I was so desperate to be with a Catholic girl. In otherwords, I ignored all the other problems they had because they were serious Catholics. That was not a good thing. You can’t force yourself to be attracted to someone just because they have all the right beliefs.

Then there was a time, right before hitting 30 that I completely threw in the towel and gave up on ever meeting a good Catholic girl. I was angry at God for giving me a vocation to marriage but no apparent means to fulfill that vocation properly. I dated a lot of women who were bad for me during this time and my spiritual life suffered.

God rescued me from that when I met my wife. She is everything I could have dreamed of and more. She is very beautiful and she has faith that can move a mountain.
I am convinced that she is going to drag me and my faults into heaven.

Don’t give up brother. Just go out there and be the best Christian you can be and live a well-balanced life and you will run into that person that God has in store for you.

My other advice is to embrace being single joyfully. Right now God wants you to be single and there may be a reason for it. He may need your service in some area where you couldn’t serve as well if you were married. There are a lot of good things about being single, a lot of freedoms that you don’t have when you are married. Enjoy them! Your time to be married will come soon enough - on God’s time.

God bless you
Oh boy, I know! Our family has had a very hard time finding families that are raising good Catholic children. Our oldest really feels she is called to be a wife and mother to many children. She is a little discouraged about finding a suitable match. I know she is young yet(almost 17) but she really feels strongly about it. She is hoping and praying for a good Holy spouse and with God’s graces she will meet him.
There was a time when I was dating women based solely on their faith because I was so desperate to be with a Catholic girl. In otherwords, I ignored all the other problems they had because they were serious Catholics.
…and used them for their Catholicity. I think this is one serious flaw in courting- to go out looking for the perfect Catholic and date all those who fit the bill- women aren’t objects that you pick and choose the most Catholic of. They’re daughters of God- get to know them for them, and have faith that the Lord will lead you to the right one eventually.

I disagree with previous opinions on courting. Dating as Americans do it is a great way to set yourself up for serial marriages as well. Courting respects the nature of men and women, the good physical attraction that also must be guarded against having too much rein. Courting allows for real friendship to develop, and for real friendship to reveal it’s potential in marriage.

Frankly, as a soon-to-be married man I will not have female friends as such. It’s too dangerous to my marriage. I will not give room for any tempation or even a hint of scandal. That’s just how it is.

I met my fiancee’ on back when it was, it was a great experience but a real emotional rollercoaster ride as well. I liked that we could ask eachother hard questions right off the bat, that we knew upfront that we were both practicing Catholics in the fullest sense of the phrase. This has given us the ability to overome setbacks that otherwise would have meant the end of the relationship. It has allowed us to set parameters of conduct that point us towards holiness. It also leaves much less for us to fight over. We both agree about the ends of marriage. Our roles and responsibilities towards one another are shaped by the Church’s wisdom. These are HUGE things that can break marriages like rotten sticks if you’re not on the same page. We are already divided by one chromosome, and that can be a seemingly unfathomable gap at times that leaves us perplexed by one another–how we act, react, communicate, think, rationalize, emote. Why heap obstacles of an unshared faith to that?

I encourage you to ask God for a Catholic spouse and be willing to actively wait on him.

Hey, just as a practical matter, I’m sure there must be some other churches in your community besides the one on campus. How about attending mass at some of those and see what is going on?
The attitudes at many colleges might be influencing these “liberal-leaning” Catholic girls at your school. I was one of those, but now at 31 and newly-married to a non-Christian, I’m more Catholic than ever! Good luck!
I know exactly how you feel! I am a junior at a Catholic university, and I have not been able to find a non-liberal Catholic guy on campus to date. (Most of the few conservatives here want to be priests anyway!). While I agree with other posts that you do not want to merely pick a girl who is the “most Catholic” to date, I understand the longing to have someone to grow in your faith with. There is so much you share when you are not always teaching the other person or guiding him/her in spirituality, but learning together because you share the same beliefs. However, if you have prayed for this and still you have not found someone, praise God! Clearly, He is preparing you and your future spouse to be together, but right now He wants to work through you in other exciting ways- as a single person. Oftentimes, I find that vocational discernment focuses heavily on religious or married life, but there is very little focus on the single life. Yet, single life must be precious to God and very valuable to our spiritual formation, because up to a certain time in our lives, everyone has the vocation of a single person. So, rather than looking on single life as only preparation for a future vocation of marriage or religious life, we should praise God for the perfect plan He has for us while we’re single. Continue to pray that God will work in your soul and make you spiritually ready to be with your loved one when you meet her, and until then, be open to what God wants to do through you in your single life. I pray He blesses you!
I’ve got a non-Catholic girlfriend right now, (just started a thread on that–please read it and HELP!), but for a while I was “cruising” the Theology on Tap meetings in the D.C. area. It’s great–you get the three G’s: God, Guiness and Girls. (Works equally well for girls, I’m told 👍 )

Still, it’s tough to find theologically-literate and orthodox Catholics even at these things, but it’s at least well worth it for the God and Guiness. 😉
I also met my fiance’ on when it was We met in September and will be married this September, so please, pray for us!

Just a side note, I am 21 and was *not *looking for a husband on the site, but open to it. My husband-to-be, on the other hand, is now 28 and was highly motivated. I had all but ruled out marriage in God’s plan for me in the next few years, and was looking at graduate school applications coming my way…but God had other plans. Don’t give up hope, and pray for God’s Will. You all have my prayers and sympathy!

God bless you!
I had no luck with My Church doesn’t have a singles group. I’m going to check the other local Churches and see if any of them have singles groups. I don’t think I’ve seen a guy my age at Church without a significant other.

This is a very flusterating position to be in for those of us 30 and up. I’ll be honest I’m getting really depressed about the whole thing. In another month it will be a year since I broke up with my boyfriend. Since then my friends set me up on two dates with a friend of a friend. That’s it. The only men who flirt with me are either obviously troubled or mentally disabled or way too old. (seriously I get hit on by men who are mentally challenged they come to the place I work in)

Last week I received my first compliment from a “normal” member of the opposite sex in 11 months. This guy is only 10 years older than me! It was very refreshing. It made me feel a little better.

I don’t understand why this has to be so hard. Maybe it’s because I’m not really ready yet, I just think I am. I guess we all just have to have faith that when the time is right God will send us our help-mate.
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